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Botswana's Kalahari Photo Expedition

March 2022

Kalahari Photo Expedition

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Why Travel with Skyler?

I am a photographer, educator, and life-long conservationist. With a degree in Environmental Studies and Natural History, my career has included leadership roles in restoration ecology, wildlife conservation, and habitat management. With this background I am able to offer thoughtfully informed insights into the conservation issues critical to protecting the natural world we love so much.

I share my passion for nature with others through compelling imagery – striving to inspire reflection, creativity, and a sense of adventure. By staying current with the latest image capture and post-processing techniques I am well equipped to help you bring your creative visions to life.

I encourage photographers to ask “Why” rather than focusing so heavily on the “How.” When the intention of the photographer is clear, it increases the likelihood of rendering interesting and desirable results. By working with people to determine what they want their imagery to convey, we can learn to maximize the technical features of the camera to capture the image as visualized. It is then we are able to start making rather than taking photographs.