Kauai, known as Hawaii’s “Garden Isle,” is geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian islands.  In May 2013, Clara and I traveled to Kauai with the goal of tackling some of the best hiking trails on the planet.  The trip didn’t disappoint, as we were able to explore the island’s western coast from both above and below.  Koke’e State Park is located high above the Na Pali coast line, where the Nu’alolo and Awa’awapuhi trails thrill hikers with some of the most incredible views imaginable.  After spending our first night camping in Koke’e we tackled the two trails back-to-back, connecting them with the “out-of-service” Nu’alolo Cliff Trail where the exposure to the precipitous fall to the valley floor below kept us vigilant.  We then drove to the north side of Kauai, where we hiked the infamous Na Pali coastline via the Kalalau Trail, eventually arriving that the remarkably remote Kalalau Beach where we camped and explored.

Check out our four part trip report: