New York Manhattan Skyline Dawn Brooklyn

In the spring of 2014 I had the opportunity to spend a few days exploring New York City on foot.  Memorable experiences included walking across the Brooklyn Bridge before dawn, exploring the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space museum, and observing how crazy-busy Grand Central Station station is at all hours.  New York City has endless photographic opportunities and I’m looking forward to returning again to see even more!  This journal entry describes a few of the interesting places I visited on my self-guided walking tour of the area.

New York City Bryant Park

Bryant Park, located in midtown Manhattan, has been a public space since 1686!

New York City Subway Stairs

It doesn’t take long at all to get the subway system in NYC dialed, and each station has a unique vibe.

New York Brooklyn Pylons

After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge before dawn on this crisp morning, the view back across the river to downtown Manhattan is awesome.

New York City Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is a great place to get out of the rain and enjoy some amazing food from one of the dozen’s of eateries inside.

New York Chinatwon Rooftops graffiti

Here is a shot of the rooftops above China Town, taken from the Manhattan Bridge’s pedestrian walkway.  The walk across the Manhattan bridge isn’t nearly as nice as the Brooklyn Bridge, as the walkway is narrow and noisy with cars right next to you.  However, this view made it worth it.

New York Brown Car Building

Each part of the city I visited had a different feel.  This building is located in the Upper West Side, a posh residential area.

New York Brooklyn Bridge Dumbo

Looking back at the Brooklyn Bridge from the start of the Manhattan Bridge located in Dumbo (short Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).

New York Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The Brooklyn Promenade was virtually empty this early in the morning.

New York Manhattan Bridge

Although not quite as beautiful as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge has a stately and industrial feel to it.

New York Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is the busiest train station in the United States.  At all hours of the day the hustle and bustle of the commuters and tourists alike is fun to observe.  This photo is taken from the Apple Store of all places, located right in station itself!

New York Owl Mural

Graffiti is abundant in the NYC area, but many of the murals are really impressive.  This owl mural in Brooklyn was really colorful, I just loved it.

New York Brick Wall Building

The brown tones of this building, in contrast with the green sign for Madison Square Garden, caught my attention.  I really like how varied the brick are, as you can see many things have been painted or posted on the side of this building over the years.

New York Fighter Jet
New York Plane

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is located on (and inside) the aircraft carrier Intrepid, which sits permanently anchored on the Hudson River.  Combat planes, new and old, and even the space shuttle Enterprise, are on display at the museum.

New York City Space Shuttle
New York City Space Shuttle 2
New York Space Capsule

A replica of the Gemini Space Capsule is on display, where visitors can actually lay in the pod.

New York Nuclear Submarine

A nuclear submarine, the USS Growler, is docked in the Hudson River right next to the aircraft carrier Intrepid and is also part of the Intrepid Museum.

New York Nuclear Submarine 2

This is the only American guided missile submarine open to the public.

New York Nuclear Submarine 3

I have no idea how one would even go about starting an aircraft carrier.  But once it is moving, I think this is the steering wheel.

New York City Building Mural

A colorful and curious mural just a block away from the Intrepid Museum.