NZ Journal Day 7 (11/15/16): After many back to back days of trekking, today we took it easy and explored the town of Lake Wanaka and the road to Mt. Aspiring National Park which follows the beautiful Matukituki River.

Wanaka Mt. Aspiring Road
Clara takes a jog along the Wanaka-Mt. Aspiring Road, which is gravel road cutting through rural farms with waterfalls snaking their way down the surrounding mountains. The place looks like it is where fairy tales were invented!
Wanaka Mt. Aspiring Road lamb New Zealand sheep
A baby lamb just couldn’t be happier for its good fortune to be in New Zealand!
Wanaka Mt. Aspiring Road farm
These farms just outside of Wanaka are beyond picturesque.
Lake Wanaka Mt. Aspiring Road tree
While not “the” famous Wanaka tree, this one gets my vote for the most idyllic location!
Wanaka Mt. Aspiring Road Oystercatchers
Oystercatchers hunting for food in the farm fields.
Wanaka Mt. Aspiring Road sheep lamb
The local commuters heading home for the day.
Lake Wanaka The Wanaka Tree That
No trip to Lake Wanaka is complete without photographing “THE” Wanaka Tree. What used to be a fence post to contain livestock is now a mature tree sitting just off the bank.