NZ Day 10 Journal (11/18/16): After a fun stay in Fox Glacier, it was north up the west coast to Greymouth. We stopped in Hokitika to see the Hokitika Gorge, then timed a visit to Motukiekie Beach to coincide with low-tide and sunset…

Hokitika Gorge hiking view

Clara admires the serene beauty of the Hokitika Gorge’s turquoise waters, 33 km inland from the coastal town of Hokitika. A short hike, and the traverse over a hanging bridge, is well worth this view!

Motukiekie Beach tide pools star fish

The Motukiekie Beach tide pools are home to hundreds of bright orange starfish. These tide pools are only accessible during low tide, as the beach is very shallow and the waves crash into the cliffs just behind us here.

Motukiekie Beach tide pools sunset night

Clara in the tide pools well after sunset as the tide begins to come in on Motukiekie Beach.

Motukiekie Beach seastack island arch

The Motukiekie Beach proved to be super remote and super impressive! These large sea stacks just off the coast create a dramatic backdrop. This island rock looks like the profile of a human to me, shot through a natural arch on the beach.

Motukiekie Beach seastack island tide pools

A parting shot as we leave the tidepools.  1.5 miles of beach must now be navigated in the dark to get back to the car.