NZ Journal Day 12 (11/20/16) – PART TWO: This afternoon we ventured up from Westport to the small township of Ngakawau to explore the Charming Creek Walk. Although well off the beaten path, this hike proved to be extraordinary!

Charming Creek Walk tunnel

The first of two long tunnel expanses which follows the old timber and coal railway tracks which mark the Charming Creek Walk trail.

Charming Creek Walk tracks

A long forgotten expanse of rail tracks since undercut by a stream. End of the line…

Charming Creek Walk overhang

Hard to believe this was once used as a timber and coal transport corridor. The track is narrow and somewhat perilous with water dripping from the overhangs onto the tracks.

Charming Creek Walk tunnel tracks The Verandah, Upper Ngakawau Gorge

Clara exiting a massive tunnel to enter a section of the trek called The Verandah, which treats visitors to spectacular views of the Upper Ngakawau Gorge.

Charming Creek Walk Mangatini Falls waterfall

The amazing and almost surprisingly intense Mangatini Falls, replete with a rainbow, as viewed from the Charming Creek Track, just before entering at dark 50m tunnel.